Sunday, January 26, 2014

Being honorable is a duty (#1822)

I don't care much about those who care less about those in need. It is unthinkable that some of us would turn our backs on those who need us most. There is no honor in that. Let me explain why honor means so much to me. I have been tormented and scared to the point of no return but someone came to my rescue for no other reason than what was happening to me was unjustified harm in their eyes and they would not allow it to continue. I was very young then and there were those whose own insecurities allowed them to bully youngsters like me that were vulnerable. I have seen what it is like to have some "hero" step up and make a difference in my life. They would never consider themselves a hero but to me they will always be. I draw my positive conclusions based upon many things but for sure I know that being an honorable person is what I emulate beyond every thing else. The desperation and overwhelming embarrassment of being alone when others decide you are their target is unimaginable without the experience of it. I know where the bottom is because I have been there and never will return. I am older, bigger and wiser now so no one can influence me beyond myself without me being able to fight back. But when I was young and less capable I was not able to fight in order to stop the despair. Our human species has many fine qualities but we also have many regressive attitudes that allow for harm when no harm is required or needed. It is these harms that I stand against and will to my dying day raise my fist in the air when harm is perceived. My honor is what I respect most about myself and living without it is not an option.

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