Thursday, February 27, 2014

A beautiful mind indeed! (#1854)

I will never understand the power of my own mind. Although I was born into an existence that both piqued my curiosity and frightened me at the same time, I have been able to handle it somehow. Thanks to the power of my mind. What my mind does for me is impossible to completely relate, but here goes. My mind allows for me to see perspectives that are different from just one view. My mind allows me to comprehensively understand the significance of change. My mind allows me to remember the best of what life has given me. My mind is indispensable to me being able to function in a congruent manner with both my principles and my hopes. My soul has it's emotional connection with my mind and of course both are as prized as the other, but my mind helps me to realize the beauty of my soul and it's desires. Without the magic my mind does with interpreting all the impulses I am bombarded with through my senses I would be a walking mass of interconnectedness. So it is with my hopes and dreams, they are simplified through my mind and offered to my understanding soul as desire and possible formative action. My mind is the grand central station of my existence and my own self awareness. Everything is cleared through my mind and that my mind has my best intentions at the core of it, is my humbled good fortune. This existence is strange and wonderful to every degree imaginable. Yet my mind allows me to find a zone of comfort within existence while giving me hope for some good something yet to occur.

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