Sunday, February 23, 2014

Democracy is the only legitimate power for rule (#1850)

There is no other political power structure in existence that compares to what democracy offers. All the other structured standards for rule have not the will of the people at it's core. We are all the people, not just the people who have the most wealth and resources. How our economy has operated over the last several millenniums has been less than equal, so any structure that allows for privilege based on wealth and resource is biased at best and manipulative at worst. So eliminating governing models based on economic values leaves us with religious and moral models to inspect. We have had religious models of rule over the course of our human history and although inspirational in thought, they lack absolute inclusion and as well degrade into authoritarianism. Any other moral structure also leaves many on the outside and cannot be sustained since the idea of morality has always been somewhat fluid in our civilization and therefore cannot be a foundation. The only structured political concept ever proven to work is a democratic model. Where all the people get a say in how our presents and futures are valued. The protection of our democracy therefore is prioritized above all other paradigms. What democracy gives us is a floor from which to propel our better and best ideas. We all get a chance to affect our civilization as best we can. Some will have great ideas and others will not but we all get to decide what and if those ideas are allowed to come to fruition. It is our duty to be involved in our democracy and should be a crime if not utilized in basic ways. Yes, we should feel a punishment for not protecting our democracy through participation. As well we should also feel a benefit from participation as a means to encourage participation.

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