Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dismissing the irrational (#1853)

Life is too short to be fooling around with illogic. I have come to the point of recognizing that most people truly do understand positive thinking and policies and when they disregard positive thinking and policies it is because they have an agenda and a strategy to stop the positive thinking and policies. So I don't waste time on them anymore. I keep moving forward and turn their rhetorical nonsense down to a quiet abstraction. Again, life is too short and not doing right by all of us only continues pain and suffering, both physical and mental, to those who are continually being left behind due to strategic obstruction by those who have only their own values as priorities, instead of everyone's necessity. I have been accused of being stubborn about not taking illogic as a value but in defense of my stance, I don't accept that illogic has value. Too many of these illogic souls try so hard to fit reason into their concept regardless of whether the reason is correct. They have come to a conclusion and now try to create premises to make their arguments winnable. The problem, like all attempts at using logic, need to be built from the premises on up to a conclusion, not the other way around. Surely there are times when a conclusion can be made and then premises given within a logical equation to prove the conclusion, but the process begins at the premise level and then the conclusion becomes what is logically proven from the premises. I use logic with common sense as my gateway to debating arguments and nothing else is worthy of me wasting my time on. Life is too short to waste on irrationality and hoped for disproved conclusions.

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