Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Simple minded arrogant people (#1846)

It is as if many people cannot see the forest for the trees. The bigger picture seems to get lost when all some will do is make their life better regardless of the consequences. Unfortunately we have many just like that as our political leaders. Many from the Republican party but also a few from the Democrats. I am a Democrat because fortunately, Democrats for the most part, are able to see the bigger picture about how our society should be a pleasure and a privilege to be part of instead of like Republicans who can only see the uneven scrambling of the survival of the fittest rationale. To be simple minded and arrogant is a hopeless and dangerous combination that has no good outcome coming forward. I cannot say this enough, our political leaders must put humility first in their reasoning to forward our society's ambitions. Yet what we find instead in too many of our political leaders is a sense of entitlement and privilege that does not extend to those who have voted for them and those who are at their mercy. The service of public office is not some coronation of power consolidation with greed and lust at it's core. It is a humbling and soul searching responsibility to tackle the ills and misadventures our society still is encountering from nefarious policies and twisted mental acceptances of our past. Our leaders should inspire courage as well as set an example that all can admire and respect. We people need leaders who place themselves last before their constituents and seek humility in all their decisions that would and should improve our lives in intelligent and caring fashions.

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