Monday, February 17, 2014

When money is more important than people (#1844)

We know this dilemma all too well. It seems that obtaining money, either through work or loan, the cost is high for we humans without and low for those who already have it. Somehow our laws and thinking on this makes it acceptable to treat people as worthless and money as everything. Now I know it isn't that extreme on either side but it feels like it. The utility of money is an exchange for barter only but we have changed and added to that definition. Now we treat money as some status of worth which we place on other humans. It is the greed for money and our own low self esteem that has allowed this paradigm to exist. It is fostered by those who have an advantage and the privilege of controlling our political/economical power structure. I am but just one voice among a few who would like to see money devalued to it's original intent of just being currency used for exchange. For me, each human has an unlimited potential for value and as such each individual human should be allocated some monetary sum to begin life with. Think about this, we are all just living on this planet for a while and hopefully we will move on to other planets as a purposeful priority. We are not here just to accumulate money and hoard it for our pleasure. Our society of humans must recognize that all of us living humans deserve the dignity of life we claim so vigilantly for ourselves. So our political and economical system must reflect our reality. The days of survival of the fittest should be behind us and the age of enlightened thinking and respectful living should be before us.

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