Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Life should be fun (#1859)

I don't care about those moral ethicists who think that hard work is the only way we should be living our lives. I do care about everyone having as much fun out of life as possible. All these ethical equivalencies with work and denial is archaic and disheartening to our spirits. I am saying that work, hard work is good for us to accomplish things but work is the means to an end, not an end unto itself. "Nose to the grindstone" is not a way of life but a necessity at times within life. What is a necessity in life is having and enjoying the fun in life. We live for a very short average time, with many who live even shorter than average. What we do in that time will register very little in the overall scheme of things but in our own lives will register mightily. The best of life is in the joy of having fun. I will not be like so many puritanical souls who find the solace of self denial as a model for living, while I also will not find being a court jester with no conscious acceptable either. There is middle ground between staying busy with our time and making that time productive in our lives through having fun. We do this already as we try to vacation with our families or just spend quality time when doing ordinary things together. However we must not let the concept of work dominate our time as a requirement of society, but only as a requirement based upon our own sense of how to create fun opportunities. Fun is my goal and work is my way of making fun more enjoyable. So let's stop being so severe on ourselves about material things and start being proactive in establishing more opportunities for ourselves to have fun.

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