Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Taking our place (#1874)

Every one of us has a place in life to occupy and no amount of distraction, denial or utter disdain for reality will keep us from being defined one way or another. Shall we instead define who we are to others so that they then will need to question their own values? I am one who would rather laugh in the face of time and space since time and space are the parameters that allow me to exist. Surely I am reverential for having a life but the odd thing is that this life has little meaning unless I make it so. I have two dynamics that define me to myself. I am curious as all get out and I am happy through humor or just being positive because I care. That is who I am and all my thoughts and actions will convey those influential qualities. I have learned over some time that I am not in the herd in the normal sense of the thought. Yes, I am human and I do believe in a communal society that interacts and shares in thought and deed. However I am in my own space, and convention, although necessary for some foundational activities, is not my hallmark. I was rightly accused of being a contrarian on many occasions not out of some sense of generally being disagreeable, but because I have different ideas about the foundations that we accept as life pathways. I usually want to tip convention on it's ear and approach how our civilization has evolved with a skeptical eye generated by our allowing uneven policies of behavior to guide our progress. "Occam's Razor" for me. I want to establish a living of life paradigm that has essential justices, equalities and opportunities as the foundation, not the haphazard system we have accepted through mainly ulterior motive manipulation. To take our place we must all take our stand and decide how we will be defined..

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