Friday, March 7, 2014

The egotistical ignorant (#1862)

What a shame that so many of our citizenry are arrogant in their limited view of reality. I am both heartsick and angry as hell about too many people who can only see into their pocketbook and nothing beyond. They conveniently ignore the misery all around them and instead complain about not having enough! They focus on their own little world of pleasures and diversions as an example of how we should live while the world all around them is crumbling. They have no empathy toward others where they have built this paradigm of blame that suits and justifies their taking. For them it is about living life to their fullest as their own self, not as a part of a larger whole. They find that their knowledge has reached it's end about who we are as a people and how we should all act within their idea of society. Nothing anyone can say will move them that has an opposing view to their arrived at understanding regardless if it destroys the logic of their arrived at understanding. It all boils down to who really has a heart and soul for reality and who would rather not consider such things. I continue to divest myself of such ones as a measure to control my own sanity. I will not associate with those who see differences in folks based upon nothing more than all of our current dilemmas. It is a shame for our country to be seen as a caring and giving country while our citizens reflect the very opposite of that. I know I live up to that ideal and continue to apologize to the Universe for my fellow citizens' thoughts and actions but I will not let them steal from me the identity I know is right and good. Our self determination requires that we relentlessly study the facts of reality, not change them to fit our own narrative of reality.

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