Sunday, March 23, 2014

The intellectual dishonesty Republicans further as policy (#1878)

Until the Republican party is crushed into little more than a memory, I will have plenty to write about in their continuing quest to destroy the rise and growth of the American middle class. How can it be that a political party can have any relevance when the majority of Americans identify with the middle class as a station in life or a hoped for place to exist? The answer is simple, they turn us against ourselves by playing to our fears and by leaving little on the table so that we must fight against each other to get a share of it. The reason they are able to do this is because the long history of the Republican party has come to be a part of the fabric of American life. Though if we looked at the political makeup of the Republican party during the times of great achievements we would find that either liberals or progressives were the makeup of the Republicans during those times of success. Conservatives have practically no record of defense and growth aimed at the middle class but somehow they have manipulated too many into believing they are their champions. What makes all of this even harder on our ability to distinguish the "good guys" from the "bad" is our first amendment to the constitution that has not been refined enough through judicial discretion to eliminate willful misrepresentation. We protect the right to "lie" as a value. Consider that for a moment, it is legal to lie to folks as a right guaranteed by our constitution. US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has been a conservative champion of construing the constitution strictly which the conservatives have embraced when it benefits their agenda. Since conservatives have a slim majority on the court at this time, we will not see any change to the "lying" aspect of free speech anytime soon.

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