Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The truth does set you free (#1866)

In my early history, my childhood, I felt the need to lie so that I didn't have to feel embarrassed about whatever it was that I was either doing or was being done to me. Most all of us have had the experience surely. When I got into my teen years I lied in order to get something or get out of doing something, again, nothing new here. When I became an adult I lied because telling the truth all the time was not instilled in me as a principle and thus my false pretenses turned me into a partially hollow person. It wasn't until I decided that my life needed a foundation from which not to go below that I realized that telling the truth to the best of my ability was my new pathway forward. In that simple decision I have found myself again and filled in those previous hollow spots. Living a principled life. Now don't misunderstand me, I am still a work in progress and rough around the edges of civilized behavior, but I am not intentionally prone to being devious or dishonest. I am otherwise prone to being open and honest about all aspects of my life that have some possibility to be helpful for others. I am also willing to learn something different from what I already know and when I am wrong I am willing to admit it and apologize to others where appropriate. I am okay with being human, which is making mistakes, but I am more than okay with improving from my mistakes wherever and however they come to me. The benefit I get from this is that I don't begrudge others who have the good fortune to get those things that are beyond my reach. I have found peace within my soul and from that peace I am able to stand and fight for the better and best we should all experience out of life.

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