Wednesday, March 5, 2014

When politicians embrace the losing logical argument (#1860)

I have been shaking my head for years now at the Republican party. Not that the Democratic party is perfect, but that the Republican party is just so bad! Like I state in my title, When politicians embrace the losing side of the argument as the way forward I again am dumbfounded. Surely these politicians, most all in the Republican party are not illogical human beings. So what is it that makes them follow an illogical path? I can only surmise that they are driven by some wildly complicated theory that requires destroying society as we know it or that they are being manipulated by someone else or they have sold out. Either way they have it wrong!!!!! Now that is one part of the problem, the other part are the voters who continue to elect them into office. What is their motivation for tearing down what has been built over centuries to be replaced by what? And, why don't they instead want to build on what we have to make things even better? Surely I could go back to education being the problem or some generational prejudices being forwarded through culture but even those seem incomplete in explaining why too many want what is worse over what is better since we all have to live in the time we share? The only general conclusion I can come up with that explains most of this is that in America we don't have laws against news organizations telling lies. We have what is supposed to be the deterrent to lying called the market place, yet lies can be so subtle that the market place isn't enough to stop the dishonor. We need to have strong laws that punish lies in media, while protecting truthful first amendment rights of free speech, and then maybe we will all get the truth from which to decide to follow the winning logical arguments.

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