Friday, April 11, 2014

Pointing out the hypocrisy with sarcastic belittling (#1897)

When I make a heavy handed point about a political, economical or social issue and I am wrong, it is surely equivalent for someone or many to point out my mistake when it is obvious. If I have blustered about a policy I think is right but I cannot prove it and instead others have proven my point wrong and I still cannot let my point go, I am thus allowed to be ridiculed for not being open minded enough to admit my mistake. It is then that I have left myself open to be ridiculed and rightly so. It is incumbent upon those who have discounted or demolished my point to mock me with fervor if I don't accept the logic and common sense of being wrong. We cannot as a society let those "off the hook" who are blatant about denying truth and fact. We must belittle them as the social pariah they have become. Anything short of leaving them to bluster nonsense without some form of staunch ridicule then leaves us open to question by those who are not informed enough to know the difference. The nonsense that is being spewed into our social, political and economical landscape is a direct result of us allowing this nonsense to exist without properly crushing it as an option. So, although I rarely advocate belittling anyone as a general rule, those who are intent on disseminating falsehoods and out and out lies despite all evidence to the contrary deserve nothing less than a harsh ridiculing for their ulterior motives. We must fight fire with water until the flames are all but a distant wisp of smoke. Life is hard most of the time on all of us but if hurting someone's feelings is the least we do to create and preserve the dignity of our democracy, and it's principles of fairness, equality and justice in equal forms, then let the belittling begin with a controlled vengeance.

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