Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The harsh brutish Republican vision (#1908)

The Republican party has outlived any sense of purpose it may have had toward an enlightened society when it opened up it's agenda for all to see. They are about suppressing social issues that don't align with the Christian Bible, they are against anything that isn't a survival of the fittest economic model, while keeping advantages in place for the wealthy. They are about destroying the quality of life protections we have for the health and welfare of our seniors, disabled and the young. They have instituted a out and out war against science specifically and education generally at all levels of public learning. They have decided that our government will not be a democratic one since they are attacking voting rights and and are intent on rolling back guaranteed rights established by our constitution. They were willing to let our government default on it's credit rating around the world all to deny Americans health care improvements. I can go on about how Republicans are trying to establish that the place for women is in the home and subject to men. I can also go on about how Republicans are making our country so dependent upon corporations that in the near future if Republicans get their way, we will be subject to rules and regulations coming from corporate control instead of democratic control. Republicans are telling us that Democrats are not to be allowed to lead our country despite the majority vote from previous elections. Republicans have decided that if they are not in power then nothing will get done as long as they control at least one of the three branches of government. The solution is simple, since Republicans have nothing to offer our country in the form of vision that includes equality and quality of life, they need to be defeated this November and put out of any leadership they currently hold.

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