Monday, April 28, 2014

The logic of truth is under assault (#1914)

Never in my consciousness would I have thought there would be political and judicial figures who would discount the truth in order to maintain momentum to destroy the utility of truth. We have a conservative Republican party that has as it's foundation a strategy to destroy the ability of the American citizenry to disseminate information in a logical fashion. Logic is our best method for proving truths and falsities. Why does the Republican party wish to destroy the even flow of logical truths? The reason is that their policies don't rely on logic or truths. Instead they want to change the very dynamic of society and cannot tell the truth of it lest they be found out. They are taking democracy away from the people and instead want to give it to the wealthy. It is a fundamental difference in how our country was conceived. Republicans are hijacking our democratic republic and are trying to install an oligarchic one. The change is subtle but the progress they are making is real. They are passing laws that restrict democracy not enhance it. they are trying to nullify amendments to our constitution that promote equality. They are creating a permanent poor class of citizens while wiping out the remnants of our middle class. All the classic moves they are making are aimed at making the wealthy untouchable. Republicans have the idea that America was wrongly created by our constitution. Republicans believe in a survival of the fittest control and they think their wealth makes them the fittest. If the rest of us allow this to continue we will be the generation that handed over our democracy to the thieves in the Republican party who have but one master and that master is unfettered capitalism. Land of the free and home of the brave will no longer be appropriate, instead it will be the land of the thieves and home of the craven.

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