Sunday, April 27, 2014

The stench of obstruction (#1913)

How can we possibly have opportunities for our visions and hopes if there are powerful individuals out there who want to keep monopolies so they can keep out dated power structures? The beauty of life is change and if those who don't want change are keeping change from happening, they are not only stealing the beauty from life but they are destroying the hopes and dreams of millions of us who need change to fulfill our destinies. I cannot live in a stagnant world where harm and injustice are the status quo. I need change as a defining paradigm within my natural evolution. Without change I have little hope to realize my potential, so when the current crop of power brokers spend all their time crushing change, then we have a problem. I am not one to sit by idly and let the greed and power of some ruin the outcome for most all of us because they essentially are afraid of losing some advantage of desire. Well, life is not about being afraid, life is about having the courage to live without doubt. If you are solidly founded in your principles of good and great, you won't have to look over your shoulder, instead you can help lift others from their stumbles. Keeping change from happening is not a virtue, instead it is a scourge. I am not here on Earth to obtain all that I want, I am here on Earth to live within what I need and then maybe even have something I want once in awhile. Why? Because so many don't already have what they need and for me to lavish on myself while others go without is truly not living in principles of good and great. I find that honor is a value I want for others to see in me and for that to happen I must think and act honorably, which means allowing for change to happen so that life can get better for all, not just for some.

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