Monday, May 26, 2014

Enlightenment or punishment (#1942)

Why is it that we cannot seem to make up our minds about what type of society we want to live in? We have two clear and distinct choices in political parties to choose from. One, the Liberal Democrats are the ones who want our society to improve with incentives and opportunities, while the other, Conservative Republicans, want our society to improve by denying incentives and opportunities. Conservative Republicans think that we don't need help from anyone and that we should all be responsible for making our own way in the world regardless of the reality and consequence. Liberal Democrats think that given reality, we all need to have an opportunity to start from the same level playing field without, nepotism, privilege or other built in advantage being given. Liberal Democrats also think that helping each other through programs that make sure no one should starve or be homeless is worthy of creating. It really does come down to how we see what civilized means. To Conservative Republicans, civilized only means what each should define it as, given their perspective about their goals in life. For example, if a person, preferably a white man in the Conservative Republican world, wants to create an industry that profits himself while also giving the rest of us some value, then he should be free to build his venture without any input from others, regardless of the impact. Now I know that is not in all the crazy extreme ways but just short of that. Liberal Democrats, using the same example, believe that any human who wants to build a venture that profits himself and gives society a value, should control his venture as long as it doesn't violate democratically instilled laws that protect not only all of us but our environment as well. Both parties want entrepreneurialism, but both do not want to protect the community at large.

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