Sunday, May 11, 2014

If we know who we are then we can be who we are (#1927)

It all starts with knowing who we are. We are an organism with intelligence and senses. I have said this numerous times, we are like intelligent mobile data processors. We have 5 senses in which we accumulate information. It is a never ending process of accumulation, even when we are sleeping. This is who all of us are, data processors. We need information to exist. Without information we would evolve into something else or fail to survive. This is why I have formed this blog so I could generally talk about how we are a species that has three instinctual natures, we are curious, we care and we have an insatiable urge to survive. Two of these natural instincts are complex and have evolved within us since the beginning of our species, the other natural instinct, survival, has been with us in it's simple form always. Our curiosity and our caring are no different than the other living species who also have intelligence. We nurture our young and commune within family and societal structures as a need to express our caring. Our curiosity is evident in the continuing march toward modernity and enlightenment. As we are continually updated by our senses and our ability to reason, analyze, conclude and remember, we practice curiosity in every moment of our lives. it is who we are! We are designed to inculcate new information as a constant. I know who I am so therefore it is easy for me to know what I need. I have to have the freedom and opportunity to learn without being impeded. I have an insatiable hunger for new information just as much as I have an insatiable need for oxygen. So designing our society to match with our natures is simple and efficient if we wish to maximize the capabilities our species has to offer existence.

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