Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pushing through the hard (#1930)

After getting some advice from a doctor, I have really changed my diet. Most of it is just eating less, but some of it is not eating some things and eating other things instead. this has been tough for me with me being less than mobile since a car accident several years ago. I am not able to be as active as I was previous to the injuries and getting a whole lot less exercise has been costly. I still do some physical things but they are limited. I used to be a lot more active which is always a good way to channel hunger pangs. Not having that previous level of activity now has allowed the hunger pangs to increase in not only it's repetitive cycle but also in it's level of desire. Years ago I became a vegetarian so on top of hunger pangs, I am also getting internal signals to go out and have a big juicy steak. It isn't easy being me right now but that is my problem and one that I am working through. yesterday was hard in that the portions I have allowed myself are not enough to keep the hunger pangs from being a bother. I try to stay busy moving since I have known for a very long time that exercise not only burns off unwanted calories but it also allays the hunger pangs. A two-fer in you will. The hardest part about trying to lose unwanted weight has always been the hard days when it is all I can do just to survive the temptations from my own body to put food in it. Everything starts to sound desirous regardless if I really like it or not. Yet, I pushed through yesterday and today is much better. I also get the prize of seeing more weight gone which in itself bolsters me even more. This is no different than anything that is hard in life whether it is my diet or some other challenge, pushing through the hard is what gets us to our goals and for that I still have the will to accept.

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