Thursday, May 22, 2014

Smug arrogant Republicans and their disdain for the majority of Americans (#1938)

Republicans don't believe in helping lift folks out of misery, instead they advocate to leave folks to live in misery as a consequence of the inadequacy these folks must desire. Republicans are the ones who would rather whip people into doing better, rather than help create opportunities for folks to lift themselves from their inadequate lives. It is the classic case of punishing folks for not being like the Republicans, you know, self serving individuals who see no future in community. Thing is, these Republicans were nurtured by the very community they now destroy. It is like we are all in a hole and some good fellow has let a ladder down the hole to help us get out but it was Republicans who pushed their way onto the ladder and climbed out and then proceeded to pull the ladder up behind them. Telling the rest of us still down in the hole that we need to find our own way out. The pettiness and cruelty Republicans accept as a guiding principle in their policies is beneath all of the rest of us and if we want to do something about it we must take advantage of what power we have left, that being our Democracy and it's right given to all of us to vote. If we don't utilize our right to vote the Republicans will continue to grow in power and then they will make it even harder for us to vote. If you are waiting for Republicans to realize that the will of the majority of the American people is their greatest priority, you will be deeply disappointed as Republicans have decided that the American people are not worthy of being represented the same as the wealthy who are the foundation of the Republican party. This is a warning to all who take their right to vote as inconsequential. You will rue the day when you realize that you handed over your right to a democracy in America to a bunch of callous unsympathetic conservative Republicans who could care less about the majority of the American electorate.

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