Saturday, May 17, 2014

The inevitability of intelligence (#1933)

This seems like it should be a "no-brainer", however like justice, equality and opportunity, it must constantly be fought to not only preserve but to advance. There are entrenched forces that would keep us in a state of ignorance and captivated to what brings these forces their profits and power. They have manipulated the means to old technology that has run it's course and they do not wish to relinquish it's current control, despite the harm that old technology is doing to us now and into the very near future. It isn't about being pragmatic with them in choosing to keep us yoked to harmful practices, it is stubborn greed that has given rise to their insatiable lust for money and power. Instead of changing their practices like good stewards of changing paradigms, they have chosen instead to obstruct changing paradigms as a rule. Why is it that some of the wealthiest people on Earth have stopped living in a changing world? I suppose it is because they are not the intellectual giants one would normally associate with successful capitalism. Instead they are miserly souls who rely on the fear of others to make their financial gains. As such it is also evident that their miserly protocols leave them with the idea that anyone else, who is not them, is worthy of having justice, equality and opportunity unless it is by their leave. Yet in this society of ours, we can and will overcome our fears to build upon the greatness that initially established our nation. We will through science, technology and innovation overcome the hurdles this current crop of malfeasant beings is employing and instead intelligence will break through to guide us all back into a society that most all of us demand. We will rise to the occasion I have no doubt but all of us from all walks of life must stop and take the proper notice so that when the inevitable time comes, together we move to that smart, efficient future we all dream of.

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