Sunday, May 25, 2014

The last time segregated religious fundamentalism was forced upon us (#1941)

The year was 1941 and the end of that year was the beginning of the end for the Nazi experiment. When a religious nationalist party that sets it's own interpretation of society comes into great power by force then nothing it does is justified. Not even the sneak attack by it's political ally at the time, Japan. Yet we Americans, having defeated those forces some 73 years ago are setting ourselves up to establish the same kind of religious nationalist party, the current conservative republican party, right here in america, the land that fought mightily and died valiantly, in helping to destroy the German "experiment". How could we have come this far backward in our thinking as to allow for a despised religious political philosophy to have infected so severely one of our leading political institutions? It is through ignorance and disrespect is how. The current conservatives have a mindset of individualism that is infused with some sort of distorted religious interpretation that breeds contempt and disregard for community while seeing compassion as an ultimate weakness. The ignorance is in not learning history and how it came to pass. Education had always been a hallmark of our national growth and had been a source of pride among our citizenry and envy from most of the civilized world. Not so today as many of our political leaders have taken on the illusion that education is a privilege and not a right. They have also advocated for dismissing the logic of science in favor of a belief system. Their disrespect shows up in the form of segregating us based upon our differences instead of integrating us based upon our sameness. It is the complete opposite of evolutionary processes yet that doesn't bother those who are always looking upon others as inferior, yet can only see themselves and their own sense of narcissistic ego driven superiority.

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