Friday, May 30, 2014

The wealthy are stealing our dreams (#1946)

Why is it that the wealthy cannot be satisfied with a lot and instead need our little as well? It seems that greed is the simplest answer but I think there is more to it. Greed is a symptom of their actions but the genesis of their greed stems from the wealthy wanting to control our behavior. It is like they have their own moral compass for us and another one for themselves. Their financial, good fortune or devious underhanded tactics, whichever or both, do not make them an expert on human behavior and the morality and ethics that come with it. I have no respect for those who act as if they are all knowing and totally convinced as to what you and I need to do about our lives. I can barely keep up with the decisions I have to make for myself so for the wealthy to think they can think for 10's of millions of us is ludicrous. Yet for all that, they still are trying to take from us what wealth we can accumulate so as to confine us within opportunities that they can control. I will not be one of their puppets who meekly follows their lead. Instead I will fight to stop their theft of our generations and also fight to reverse the income inequality that is still widening. There are a few policies that could be adopted that would work nicely. First we need to tax profit from financial transactions like we tax labor. Second we need to increase the minimum wages that are currently woeful and inadequate. Just these two steps alone would stop the growing income inequality and start it's decline. There are more policies we could adopt to strengthen the middle and poor class, like eliminating the contribution cap on Social Security and having the states that didn't expand medicaid reverse course and instead expand medicaid. We need to stop giving tax breaks to corporations that offshore jobs and instead give tax breaks to corporations that keep jobs here in America. We need to rid the House of Representatives of Republican control, keep the Senate in Democrat hands and then work hard to pass the legislation I mentioned above.

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