Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Too lazy to vote Democrats (#1923)

In a nutshell. We Democrats have the majority registration when it comes to voting but apparently we can't bother ourselves to actually go out and vote when it is time to do so. We are apparently so pampered in our thoughts that we actually think there is no real good reason to do so. We are about to lose our democracy to the Republican party and it's drive to segregate the wealthy from the not wealthy and we just stand by thinking nothing of it. What can it be that so insulates us Democrats from the obvious? The only thing that comes to mind is that we don't fully understand the significance of every election. One day every two years we need to be aware of who wants to do what to us and then vote accordingly. But that seems to be too much to ask. Meanwhile those of us who are spending our conscious hours imploring everyone to take notice at what the Republican party is doing to the detriment of every aspect of our lives goes right on by. The frustration at seeing the actual decline of our society while most everyone else is too busy playing games or dismissing it as irrelevant. Well, the fact that it is happening won't be stopped by ignoring it. I am of the mindset that if our Democratic party is too lazy to spend just an hour of one day every two years making a difference then we get what we deserve. Sadly, it could all be avoided by we Democrats exercising what is left of our voting rights. Another sad consequence of us losing to Republicans at the voting booth is that our ability in the future to vote will be even further restricted by Republicans. I feel like I am fighting for my party but my party is to lazy to care. If we Democrats just come out and vote all this harm Republicans are about to inflict could be avoided.

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