Saturday, May 10, 2014

We decide what kind of society we want! (#1926)

Within the parameters of democracy we have numerous choices. We can have a vision of our society that allows for a foundation for which no one can go below. We can have a society where logic and facts are the grounds for deciding the issues of the day. We can have a society where equality of process is the same for everyone. We can also uplift innovation and creativity with celebration and awe while not destroying our society in rewarding it. It is from this type of vision that will make us able to spread our form of society to other human beings currently trapped in societies that devalue humanity as a rule. This is how we change the world to a place where our dreams can become real. The best of who we are is boiling just beneath the surface of our actions and thoughts and until we have a society that recognizes all of us as the next best thing for all of us we will continue to be frustrated and less than honorable, generally. Our fulfillment as an enlightened being is being crushed by the present circumstances of myth and superstition in the form of fear. We have many in power who are afraid of the future while longing for the comfort of an illusory past. It is a aggravating that our democracy has given rise to a political party that wishes to destroy democracy's progress. Yet the current Republican party is just on that path. They fear equality in it's naked form. For some reason they have decided that our future must return to a past that has shown itself to be illogical and regressive. We are all alone here on this planet and especially here in America where the greatest opportunity for our civilization to modernize and shirk off the old paradigms shrouded in fear have previously dwelled. It is time for us to act and soon we will have that chance.

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