Monday, June 30, 2014

American capitalists making all our lives miserable with our own natural resources (#1977)

We as Americans own our natural resources together as citizens of our country. Yet we let only a few individuals control the usage of our natural resources in order for them alone to make wildly inexcusable profits, while they claim innocence to the destruction to our environment there activities are producing. Now I know that capitalism is our main method for building commerce and economic wealth, but to give over our natural resources like energy and our air wave rights to only a select few is not democratic. Most all of us are shut out of the process to being able to capitalize on the opportunity. Since we cannot seem to make rules that are fair to all we should stop giving any rights to our natural resources. Yes, I am talking about government control of energy and communication. There has to be a better system for relaying necessary products to the citizenry than greedy capitalists who are only concerned about their profit margin and not the will of the people. There are many examples of how to create rules that put a cap on the amount of money to be profit on our shared natural resources. These large corporations do not own our natural resources, they should only be allowed to produce them as a product, back to us for a nominal profit. How it came to be that the trading markets and corporations can make ridiculous amounts of profit before the finished product gets to the citizenry is scurrilous and dishonest. Our natural resources belong to all of us and for a very selected few to control the price charged to us without factoring in that we own the source from which they make their product is mind baffling. I would prefer a government takeover of our own natural resources to the greedy speculators who are currently running our economy into despair. How capitalism became such an out of control economic philosophy without the proper adjustments for common sense utility affecting the very citizens who own the natural resources and are being repressed by it can only be attributed to greed and to the power that maintains that greed.

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