Saturday, June 21, 2014

Higher education should be mandatory (#1968)

If you must mandate something, like we already do with our educational system up to a high school completion, then extending that mandate to college and/or vocational training schools then that is appropriate. We must never allow our country to become so uninformed that we have 50% of our population not even caring to practice their duty to vote. We should as well with higher education make voting mandatory by offering some incentive for voting and some penalty for not. We must push ourselves to accomplish great things and most of the time when we are young we need to be pushed in the right ways to increase our ability to be productive and creative members of our society. We have little room to scold or chastise other societies for their failures when our failures are so glaring. Where we are now is heading toward being the hegemonic superpower of the world through force. We have plenty of examples throughout history where only force is used to the greatest advantage to make others succumb to their will only to falter on the overthrow of that force and cease being. What we have a chance to do with our great American society is improve it by raising up our worse off citizens to better lives and then show the world that although we have the force to will others to our point of view, we also have the examples within our own society to show how much better their societies can be as well. By having a shining example of a society that founds it's progress on the contributions even from the weakest links within it shows others that all life is worthy of contribution. We must heal our own nation of it's poverty and lack of education before we can heal what ails the rest of the world.

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