Sunday, June 15, 2014

The flawed humans who direct your afterlife (#1962)

I came upon a post this morning that has me seething. As I sit here in my boiling pot of emotions, I feel it necessary to define what is going on with me. I saw a post on the Internet that claims that by not shunning your children for the sexual orientation you think is right for them that you are not following the will of Christ. Now I have some expertise with Christian biblical teachings and this interpretation is so anti compassionate that it assails what is expected from a soul soothing enterprise like Christianity. When love and compassion have to take a backseat to the ideology of dogmatic conformance then the ideal of religious following has lost all sense of free will and becomes instead an institutional practice of forced narrow boundaries. None of us will ever be perfect and none of us is a judge of what perfection is. As the narrow minded within our society gain prominence the further we get from objectivity and logic when it comes to definitions. Remember, we are talking about a belief system here, not a fact of the laws of nature. Science has already shown that much in the Bible is impossible to have happened as it is presented. So to take some point out of a book written 300 years after Christ died by a council of men is hopeful at best as being absolute truth. Given that we can see some flaws in our imperfect religions we must never lose sight of the efficacy of promoting our religions. They are for helping souls find value in life when they are not keen to seeing it. Religion has the value of offering comfort to those who are fragile from the brutishness of our circumstances. Not a whipping post for those who place much faith in it. I am not personally otherwise sexually oriented to same sex, yet when I see others who are being shunned or displaced by the concept of a religious dogmatic conclusion, then I will stand and yell, wrong, at those who think they know the heart of love and compassion.

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