Monday, June 23, 2014

The nature of conservatism is anti-change (#1970)

Talk about going against your nature! We are all living in an existence that does nothing but change. Conservatives find change to be too difficult for them to work with. They like the sanctity of tradition to the point of exclusion. Now tell me, when you were raising up as a child did you see the world as staying the same for the comprehensiveness of your lifetime? I know I didn't. Surely I was too busy changing myself in those early formative years to ever consider that essentially time should stop on the progression of my life nor the lives of those around me. The only consideration of consequence that I can establish as a reason for not wanting to change is a deep rooted fear that has overcome some people to the point of the loss of their boldness. The whole point of living a life that is mortal and of limited time span is to move about within life to understand and experience what life is to the best of our being. If we were immortal it would make more sense that we should limit our changing in order to establish a forever foundation. We are not immortal nor are we aware of all things within this existence so our nature compels us to embrace the changes going on around us and to further seek out what we don't know. Conservatism is for those who have quit on their natures and have lost the identity they have with the rest of us mortals. They are of a fearful breed of human in that they strive to blunt our natures while creating a false sense of security for themselves. It is a sad state that those who are not of a courageous bent are the ones who are trying to stop those of us who are of a courageous bent. I suppose fear does that to people but it doesn't have to be our political resolve. A healthy dose of liberalism is needed to fuel our natures and in that we can exercise caution but not deprive ourselves of the best chance we have of fulfilling the nature of our species.

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