Thursday, June 19, 2014

The wealthy don't understand the desperation of the working/middle/poor class (#1966)

This is the problem that the wealthy have. They don't have the perspective of how scary and fragile life is for that large majority of us who have to live hand to mouth. Maybe at one time when they were younger some of the wealthy had a small perspective of economic despair but they have lost the depth of it as they got economically secured. Most never get economically secure and it isn't for a lack of trying. The human spirit is a mighty powerful force but even it has it's limits and when situation and circumstance works against most of us who don't have privilege and advantage built into our efforts, we begin to realize that putting ourselves out in the line of fire and coming up short too many times becomes a futile enterprise. So we make the best of bad or worse situations and try to scrape by with as much dignity as possible. The ones who make it in our society, less than 1% of us, don't know what it is like to not have resources at our fingertips to alleviate any and all problems as they arise. Most of us do without and live with the shame of not being able to provide even at times the most basic of needs to ourselves or our children. The few winners in life are no different than the many losers. The difference lies in how we think about each other. The winners, or the wealthy, tend to think of themselves as more special and thus more knowing in areas they assume to understand. They lose sight of the fact that the rest of us are living as if under a curse of a spirit crushing punitive sentence that could come at any time given any number of possible events. The wealthy don't know us and for the most part they don't want to know us. They feel their world is not ours because they don't feel our desperation nor do they understand that we all deserve better not just some of us deserving all.

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