Saturday, June 7, 2014

Will our democracy triumph over the greedy? (#1954)

We humans are the masters of our own fate, not some set of protocols devised in order to stifle our imaginations and possibilities. Surely we have laws and sets of acceptable behaviors that we all need to follow in order for our society to function in a smoother and more efficient and just way. But when those sets of behaviors and laws cross into segregating us from each other and giving advantage of one over another with no other intervening event, then we have a duty to our slowly maturing society to rectify that part of the institution that allowed for such restrictions to occur. We do not have to accept those who would argue for anything that places advantage and privilege over equality of opportunity. It is incumbent upon all of us to call out where the ravages to our democracy exist. It is our duty to advocate for those things that lift our society from it's previous lower standing to a higher one. We are a young democracy in that we have not fine tuned our society to reflect our values in an efficient and praiseworthy comprehensive way. There are many powerful forces who don't hold to democratic principles simply because they are the ones who will be most negatively effected by the purity of democracy. Not in any way that really matters, since all will benefit from equality and justice, but in financial and power structure paradigms. They have a higher echelon of advantage and privilege and they know that democracy threatens that. They are compelled to allow their greed to dictate the fate for the rest of us by fighting against the very thing our country was founded upon, democratic ideals. They espouse capitalism as the higher ideal above democracy and in that they are able to manipulate the wheels of our political fate through practically unlimited buying of candidates that help them undermine the rest of us. We don't have to stand for it as they have as of yet not been able to take enough of our votes away to secure their victory.

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