Thursday, June 26, 2014

We only have each other (#1973)

There is one indisputable fact, everything on this planet of ours is all we have to fill out our lives with. We are not at the point in time where our society has beings or things from other planets that we share among ourselves. Just making the point that other than, generally, Moon rocks we have what is here on Earth. Which is fine for us since we don't have great expectations of having things yet we haven't discovered or that we know is not our reality. So again, here we are with what we have on Earth. Sadly, what we have here on Earth is no guarantee of surviving our own harsh reality here in a normal life span. So even what we have here on earth is fragile and fleeting. We make all these compromises with ourselves in order to maintain some kind of order in our lives just because we don't want to lose what little we have. I get that and I as well do the same. My compromises are simple and less intrusive on others since I do also get that what my hope and dream is cannot also exactly be your hope and dream. For me my compromises center on maintaining my pet animals in my life as much as possible. I can give each of them a better life, that is within my power. I cannot give other humans a better life because most of them also have the power to choose how they live, unlike my animals who depend on me. In the most ardent emotional sense, our ability to "feel" or sense our own passions is not unique. We are strange creatures in that we do have an interconnectedness to our environment like no other species. We cannot escape that we are a highly emotional being. Why would we want to escape that truth? Our complex emotional state separates us from all other known and understood beings. Which is why I say that we only have each other. It is our path or our destiny to create and live in this Universe as a species who need each other in order to thrive.

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