Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Why hatred and bigotry are so popular (#1972)

Apparently if you are a small petty person, hatred and bigotry makes you not only feel better about yourself but also superior to others. It is like an elixir compound that has magical properties. I created this blog in order to help folks understand that we are a dominate compassionate, curious species by our nature. Yet apparently many do not agree with my premise, otherwise humility and optimism would be in much more evidence. So I can't say whether a lack of education or more regional social conditioning is the main cause, more likely both in conjunction. I refuse to accept that what has happened in the past dictates my behavior today. Today dictates my behavior today, nothing else. I make it a point to not carry forward any prejudice or bias as a control. What I do however is disassociate from those who do carry forward their prejudices and biases as a way to inform them that my time on this Earth will not be wasted by enabling their crippling behavior. My only wedge with some folks is to shun them into realizing that they also need to think more about what they can do right now to make life better than to think about how they can hurt others right now for sleights from the past. If we are truly to represent that we are the masters of our own destinies then we need to stop being pawns of those things that deny us happiness and the pursuit of it. As I said above that hatred and bigotry seem to have value with those who don't care about their own mental health, but that is an illusion since it is not hard to see that by hating and segregating they are destroying what is still of value within themselves, namely their compassion and curiosity. To deny ones nature out of some sense of ego or current peer pressure is weak and not worthy of what our species can achieve.

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