Sunday, July 13, 2014

An enduring spirit (#1990)

I cannot see how anything can change unless we believe it can. Surely change can come about through catastrophe and through other inexplicable means, but normally change can only happen with us putting our shoulder to the wheel and make the wheel turn. To make the wheel turn we must all be pushing in the same general direction, not against or sideways. So in essence, we all must be helping otherwise some of us are not allowing for change to happen. It is as simple as that. I have heard good honest people give up on change when they and I both know it is frustration at change not happening that is the genesis of their giving up. That is falling short of a goal that may not be easily attained. Quitting even before the time for change to have it's chance. I understand that, I have quit on many things in my life that I am not proud to admit. But I also realize that living in a state of not being proud of myself or my lack of endurance is not to be experienced again, by me, in my lifetime. I will never stop putting my shoulder to the wheel despite how impossible the change may appear. I know only one way for the impossible to become the possible is for me to never, ever give up. So despite good people having the desire to give up before the change has had a chance to come about is much like going against our nature to survive, it is not natural. I suppose the difference in life for many is for those who can lead with an enduring spirit need to show those who haven't recognized their own enduring spirit, to find it. Being led by example is the best way so for those who cannot see a better future for our world and our species, go ahead and borrow mine, it is as clear and honest an all inclusive vision that can be found with the better and best of what we humans reflect out to each other.

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