Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Don't be afraid to have a better conscious (#1979)

We are our own masters of our destinies. At least that is what we may think, however the truth is we are not. We can be the masters of our destinies if we had equality of opportunity, and equal justice. We have the makings of those things but we are unable to put them to efficient utility. Why aren't we there yet? Because we are still led to believe that what we have is good enough and changing anything would make things worse. Those who tell us that, are the ones protecting their advantages. I am saying that they are wrong and even more so they are being wrong, intentionally. The effect of their saying not to change things or things will get worse is that they have put fear into those who would most benefit. The ones who have advantage don't want to give it up. I can understand that. It is a survival of the fittest mentality that has been given much glorification. Yet when you look at the state of our lives, especially those too many who have little to nothing with much less than a small chance of creating a better life for themselves, as things currently are, then you see that the selfishness of the survival of the fittest crowd really is an ignorance to reality with no heart or compassion for others. A sociopathic tendency to fulfill one's own desires at the exclusion of the effect that has on others. A void of empathy for our human community. I figured out long ago that life isn't worth living if we are it's subject, instead of being it's partner. What I have in terms of treasure is small but what I have in spirit is great and that is where my wealth lies. I don't have to be scared into believing life will be worse if I want things to change for the better. I already know that life will be better if we can have the courage to stand up to those who don't want better for all of us. On that I will always stake my life!

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