Monday, July 28, 2014

Journalists who are more interested in money and fame than reporting facts. (#2005)

It seems that there are too many journalists, fox "news" and more spread out among the other cable news networks who find that the profession of journalism is only a stepping stone to their own personal sense of accomplishment. There are still many journalists and even photographers who hold to telling and showing the truth regardless the outcome, yet too many do not. There is a calculation within the journalistic profession that the truth is not their end game. For them, journalism is only a means to another end. What this does to the news viewing populace however is quantifiable. When a society is not given objective descriptions of the facts, then as a society, we all suffer from a lack of clarity in purpose. We have too much confusion these days from propaganda passed off as news and news passed off as propaganda. I have talked of this before about how our first amendment right to free speech has been misguidedly adjudicated to include a right to lie. The absurdity of the decisions that uphold lying as free speech undermines all that is logical about civilized society. The future of our democracy is in jeopardy from decisions like this and those currently being established like corporations, a legal contract construct are people, and that money is speech. It is if our world of logical progression has been turned on it's head and we are now in Alice's wonderland. Journalists play a mighty role in reporting facts for all of us to inculcate and there should be a sense of pride inherent within that special duty. We need to reverse those previous erroneous judicial decisions and then hold our 4th estate accountable to truth telling. We must make them pay harshly for intentional lies. Everyone makes mistakes so some forgiveness is applied when the intent was not of an ulterior motive but nonetheless, the truth of things and facts need to be correctly expressed to keep our society healthy, creative and bountiful.

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