Thursday, July 24, 2014

Live a life you are proud to share! (#2001)

I cannot define your courage for you, that is for you. What I can do is define my own courage within me. How do I do that? I do that by how I live. I take the position that every thing I do is visible to the world by some magical way. I know, it does sound like I am using somewhat of a false premise to establish a truth, but in this instance, telling myself that I am being recorded by history for what I do isn't that far from the truth is it? I am responsible for what I do and in  my own consciousness, I, at minimum, am a witness. Regardless of how I get to the point of being responsible for me, I am nonetheless. So there it is. I get to act or react according to my choice. Now, what kind of person I am is up to me. No one is made one way or another as to how they live. We all get to choose what we do to define who we are. People throughout my life have been telling me to be more like this or that but if they knew me at all they would tell themselves what to be like and let me see it within them. That is how we share our lives, by actually being a silent example of what we want to tell others. So the line in the song "Home by the Sea" by Genesis, "We relive our lives in what we tell you." is a nugget of wisdom once unwrapped within this context. There is no pride in hurting people, there is only pride in helping them. There is no pride in destroying things of value, there is only pride in restoring and creating things of value. Our thoughts and acts represent how we see ourselves and the pride we reflect in that. That is where courage comes in. We must find the will that exists in all of us to defend and even promote the best of who we are through the living of our lives. I can't tell you who to be, that is for you to show the rest of the world.

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