Thursday, July 31, 2014

New beginnings in November (#2008)

We here in America are having a significant national election that could very well reshape the course of our current political dysfunction. With the defeat of 17 or more overall Republican seats in the House of Representatives, Democrats would gain control of both Houses of Congress and then finally start to implement our President's agenda for the next 2 years and far into the future. It seems that the two party system of governance has ended with the tactics employed by the minority party of conservative Republicans who only want their agenda passed despite them losing out on their agenda in the last national election. That is a childish position for them to take considering that the majority of Americans rejected their policies. So instead of reshaping their policies to fit the desire of our populace, Republicans have employed dirty tactics of undermining voter rights in order to eliminate as many Democratic voters as possible and also by misinforming through the media as to their true intent and the true intent of Democrats. The conservative majority Supreme Court has upheld many of the Republicans illogical policies due strictly to partisanship. As the final word on the constitutionality of laws is their domain, we must not also allow Republicans the further control of our political body to manifest their survival of the fittest agenda, while supplementing the wealthy through further unnecessary tax cuts and harm preventing regulation removal. This coming November can be a special election in the history of our country if the enlightened among us mobilize to get our Democrat vote out and vote for Democrats. Suddenly the dysfunction in our capital in Washington will end and new beginnings will start as the obstruction and disinterest in policies affecting the American working/middle/poor will stop. It is an exciting moment we are living in and now is the time for doing our all for the best of our country going forward. 

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