Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Politics now more than ever! (#2000)

This blog post is another milestone marker in my life although the subjects lately being of a political bent will not change. I started out with the idea of talking about our natures, the positive examples of how we humans are above the lesser base natures that we evolved from due to ignorance and fear. We are not the same species that we that originally begat us. That is why I turned from explaining how we are compassionate and curious with a will to survive above all other instincts we progenerated from. Instead I have turned to our political policies here in America to highlight the difference between the human experience of old, conservative republicanism and it's agenda of individualistic survival of the fittest, and the humans we have become, the liberal/progressive democratic vision of community and shared goals. When the republican party says it wants to go back to the way it was, they are referring to caveman days when the strong or devious would decide who lived or died based upon their own whim. When democrats say that we want to progress forward, we are referring to making democracy work above all other paradigms and instilling democratic principles everywhere they can effectively offer justice and opportunity without discrimination to strength or privilege. So in essence, the differences between the two desired visions is this, republicans refuse to accept change as a given while democrats accept that change is real and life around us needs to be improved. This is why I am now devoted, with some exceptions, in my blog postings to noting the differences in the visions by each party. The ramifications of who wins in our coming elections is magnified by the fact that our very natures of compassion and curiosity are being suppressed by republican policies while being defended and given room for growth by democratic policies. Our natures are going to be voted upon this November and highlighting this is my purpose going forward.

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