Sunday, July 20, 2014

Republicans, you can run but you can't hide! (#1997)

The Republican agenda of doing nothing for the working/middle/poor class here in America is being exposed for what it is, an all out effort by conservatives to wipe out the social safety net and make everyone have to live without governmental help. Well, everyone except the wealthy who have gotten filthy rich off of government, no bid, contracts and too favorable tax breaks. As this is becoming much clearer to the electorate the Republicans have been employing a strategy of subterfuge and obstruction. They have decided that filling the airwaves with disinformation, right out of cold war propaganda tactics, is much more advantageous to them than to defend their vision of a survival of the fittest society. They know they cannot defend lying, stealing and cheating with an effective argument so they instead cause disruptions in the processing of our government and then blatantly blame the Democratic party for it's ineffectiveness. It has worked for them these past few years at a minimal political cost to them. Some of us caught on to them years ago and have been sounding the alarm over the Republican party's attempt to whittle democracy down to being subservient to corporatocracy. But the cost of this strategy, which made no sense with the enlightened among us and is starting to become an eye opener and losing validity with more and more folks, is mounting. When the Speaker of the House John Boehner admits that he isn't about making laws, but instead about repealing them, the truth had been told. Now all the Republican politicians can do is thrash about blaming Democrats for whatever comes down the pike while offering nothing but tax breaks for the wealthy. Republicans have run the full gamut of their deception and with 4 months still left before elections, have come up short in being able to hide from their inaction. The truth of them will have plenty of time to be exposed and show the full electorate that they have no intent of helping the working/middle/poor class here in America.

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