Friday, July 11, 2014

Shall we continue to allow Republican ineptitude to guide our politics? (#1988)

Enough is enough! I have had it well past my ears with republican politicians and their disingenuous efforts to thwart working/middle poor class policies. Using one example, we now have over 3 million long term unemployed Americans with no extended jobless benefits and Republicans refuse to help them. That figure of over 3 million does not include their families, especially the children who have to go without during their formative years. For that reason alone I would metaphorically kick every Republican politician in the ass to get them out of office. Yet, we have so many media outlets that do not report the truth of things, instead they report what their corporate owners guide them to report. That we have had a bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform bill passed from the senate, sitting in the Republican controlled House of Representatives for more than a year while we have a huge refugee problem down at our border speaks to the ineptitude at policy the House Republicans have as a strategy. Using a metaphor, while Rome burns, Republicans are playing with their fiddles. The idea that Republicans could actually pass legislation to solve many of our national problems is verifiable, yet they don't and instead are playing a waiting game in order to malign our President for not getting things done. Funny how that works, that Democrats can pass bills that help but Republicans in the House stop them from becoming law, and then go out and lie to the American public that Democrats aren't getting things done. Again, I will ask, shall we continue to allow Republican ineptitude to guide our politics? This coming November will reveal the answer to that question.

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