Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Superman complex (#2007)

I admit it! I have the superman complex. What is that generally you may ask? It is a sense that whenever or wherever harm is being done I want to stop the harm and have good replace it. If I had the power to do that very thing I would but I don't have the power to do that everywhere and any time but that doesn't stop me from wanting to try if possible. It is a rather frustrating complex, but when the times come when I can do something to stop harm and replace it with some good, the sensation of both physical and mental is positively incomparable. Now many may want to diagnose the superman complex as being wholly fantasy and not worthy of empowerment. I would disagree. It speaks to my inner self and the person I have always wanted to be. Someone who can rise above the problems of process and rationalize answers that reflect the best of our natures. It is empathetic to humanity while establishing my own moral purpose. I don't regard selfishness with the same allure as I do with selflessness. They are mostly polar opposites to me and that is how I boundary my principles. Bookmarked between being selfish and being selfless. The living of my life is on the part of that spectrum that is closest to selflessness. The reason being is that in being selfless I can spot and identify how to better serve my humble superman complex. When I am not full of my ego centered self, I can see how life is treating others as clear as a bright shining day. In that seeing I am able to adjust my thoughts and actions to best fit some method of being a positive influence where possible. Again, I spend more time being frustrated in attempting to solve problems as I see them since we are all individuals with a vision for our own lives and what is not right to me in my eyes is not the same in someone else's. Yet I do continue to present myself where I can and be the kind of superman in any small way applicable. Such is me. 

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