Saturday, July 19, 2014

We don't have to live like this! (#1996)

Here in America we are a democracy. What can truly decide how we want to live by voting our common interests. We don't have to rely on tradition or folklore for our examples to follow. We can just find candidates that have the same kind of vision we do and vote for them. I am  not beholden to some wealthy person and need to ask them for a "by your leave". I can leave as I choose when I choose. The same thing with voting. I can find a candidate or political party that wants for the majority of us positive things like improved education, environment and a variety of opportunities to work and play. I can choose to vote for candidates that want all of us to have healthy options. I can choose to vote for candidates that want our country to have the best that the world has to offer. All these things are doable. We all just need to vote when the voting times comes. I am sick of poverty, I am sick of disease and I am sick and tired of politicians and a Republican party that wants nothing for everyone while giving it all to a few. I am sick of it and I will be voting this coming November, 2014 for a Democratic political party that has the best of what I want for me, instead of the Republican party that wants nothing for me. I live in this great country and luckily for me have been given much in the past. Nowadays our children are hindered from that great society we used to have by having to grow up in a society that has been whittled down by austerity on the masses while the wealthy have gotten filthy rich. We don't have to live like this and our children deserve more than what we have gotten don't you think? If so, vote with me and elect Democrat candidates that stand for the working/middle/poor class. The choice is up to each of us.

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