Sunday, July 27, 2014

When people see other people as lesser (#2004)

Are some of us afflicted with so much ego that we cannot distinguish the fact that none of us is lesser than another? Is it hatred? Is it ignorance? Hard telling not knowing what is actually going on in some folks minds. The intolerance by many of others goes against what it is to be human. We are not diverse in color and creed by accident. We are because nature has allowed us to be. Who are we to argue with nature? Just because we can think and sense does not give us any right to exclude based upon race, sex, creed, religion or even economic standard. That some of us have been inculcated within our regional and social societies to do so does not make it right. We are a civilized people from who we were in the past. Our reckoning from such ill mannered behavior should be swift and precise. I take pride in the fact that I started out in life as a blank canvas and have over the years learned what thinking and behavior was to be admired and cultivated. I aspire to be the renaissance man who is not only learned but who can physically compete with the best of my hopes. I want to be the best man I can be and I can only hope that for all others as well. That is how I see others, as a work in progress much like myself. Nothing less than equal and even admiring them that have already accomplished what I still hope to do of a similar nature. Many in our societies all over the world are not allowed to or are unwilling to change from the familiar paradigms that managed our lives in the past. How unfortunate that we are not all raised with the expectation of searching out the truth and adding to the progressive knowledge base that someday our children will assuredly require. We are the shining example of a civilized society here in America but that is under attack by those political conservatives who think that being civilized is not the highest priority of the future they envision.

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