Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ignorance will only get you shame (#2032)

If not knowing is your strategy, then fine, don't expect anyone who has knowledge to respect you. Thieves are ones who takes what they want and leave the rest without regard to what harm and consequences they have caused. Is there much difference when we choose to accept ignorance without regard to what is true or not? The act of omitting is often just as harmful as the act of commission. What we don't do, can hurt us as much as what we actually do. Choosing to be ignorant because of reasons like, it is too difficult to understand or I don't have time for this, are just excuses in order to avoid having a voice of your own. Maybe you don't want to offend someone or you think it isn't attractive? Neither reason nor either excuse is affirming. We have a duty to our selves and our country to have a voice in how we are governed. Period! It is a right that is under assault and if you are afraid of what others think then you are not living up to who you are or what you think you are reflecting out as your character to the ones who might look up to you. If you have any pride in the fact of you being an American citizen and you are unwilling to defend that rightful pride given us by our hero ancestors, who fought and sacrificed for what we have today, then you are shameful in your choice to those who can only dream of having the opportunity to fight for liberty, justice and equality. Ignorance cannot be an option here in America. When we allow ignorance to have it's way with us we are telling the world that we are not courageous nor have the heart to stand up for what is right. If you think that shirking your responsibility and hiding it from the world around you is a better option, then you miss the point of being born in this great country where fighting for what is right is part of who we are.

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