Saturday, August 30, 2014

Order within the chaos? (#2038)

What appears to be a whirligig of motion without rhyme or reason can often be traced back to an order that uses confusion and chaos as a mask to shield it's intent from our open conscious introspection. In other words, if we don't see what is being done to us as an ulterior motive then we are likely to accept it as fate, serendipity, or providence. We have a perfect example of this in our current political structure. An organized attempt to divert attention from the real issues of our lives to instead a package of baser, inflammatory ones. I am calling out  Republicans in this regard. They use issues that divide us as their catalyst for chaos to undermine our collective reasoning. While the tension of this dividing is taking place, they are misrepresenting their agenda to our citizen democratic republic. The media is a crucial player in this as most of us would like to think that "the press" is unbiased. However that can never truly be correct when corporations own and operate the press while controlling it's news content and editorial boards. For a group of greedy, Republican backing, power brokers to have less than democratic ideals as their intent for public policy is a treacherous shame that must be exposed and where applicable, adjudicated. The one constant that we all have is a simple democratic test we can apply to all policy being forwarded, regardless of political party, that being does it stand up to the test of equality, justice and enlightened good will? If it fails any of these tests, it is suspect and needs more debate. Our democracy is unique in all of history and time. We are special in that our forefathers/mothers gave us an evolving constitutional blueprint by which to change the whole world to the better if we remember to humble ourselves first and reach out instead of reaching in to each others' pockets.

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