Saturday, August 9, 2014

Our subconscious is our friend (#2017)

Well, for sure mine! lol. I always think in terms of myself as a laboratory and what happens objectively and with natural emotion with me normally is likely the same for other humans. My subconscious is like a quiet unnoticeable friend who gently reminds me of things that are not quite right. For example, in yesterday's blog post, I used a word to describe tradition. Moray, but as you can see it is spelled incorrectly for the definition I was using. Moray is a type of eel, not a custom or tradition like I was utilizing it for. So in the night last night I was restlessly sleeping and half awoke to the fact that I had used the wrong word. I got up and checked my blog post from yesterday and sure enough I had used moray, instead of mores. I edited the post and went back to sleep thinking about how such a trivial little thing had come front in center in my mind. What I realized is that it wasn't an insignificant little thing, it was important in that I didn't want someone reading that post and then thinking how ridiculous it reads with the obvious mistake glaring out for all to see. It takes away from the overall message. So in retrospect, I came to realize that it was important enough to me subconsciously, that my mind would not let me dismiss it. This is how I have come to know that my subconscious is looking out for me in the subtle ways I often do not pay enough attention to because of my current inability in striving to be less imperfect than I could be. That is a failing on me due to a lower expectation of me, for myself. This one little subconscious realization is having a profound and fundamental effect on me that is a bit overwhelming. It not only helped me to make my daily post more clear and precise, but  it now motivates me to do better in every facet of my life. I see a more comprehensive and panoramic purpose for my actions and place a higher degree of expectation upon myself to be less imperfect than I have been trying to be.

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