Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Seeing the world through a child's eyes (#2027)

The day you think you have grown up is the day you start to die. I never want to grow up and accept what fate there is for me without me being able to change it whenever I want. I am not satisfied with what there is, enough to say to myself that my comfort is good enough. I want some comfort but not at the cost of giving up my imagination and my will to improve our society's condition. I am not one who waits for his due for being a good player of games. I will upset the game board if that is what shatters the old paradigm of not enough or unfairness. The motion of my life is not to sit back and admire what I perceive as accomplishments, rather the motion of my life is non-stop and the time for reflection on what I may have achieved will be in the last of my breaths here on Earth. I will not stop looking at the world with the eyes of the child I began my journey as. The wonder and awe of all that surrounded me. I know that often the consequences of great achievements have been on the back of notorious and unscrupulous actions but they didn't have to be. Great achievements in our society could have all come from the function of honorable and scrupulous behaviors if we would confine our activities to principles of humility and respect. I see the possibilities of our species, not the dastardly processes that are cynically forced upon us. We are better than our past behaviors as not only a species but as a society of humans. I refuse to relinquish my vision of our world. I want for it to be the special existence it can be before my time here is over. I am but one person yet I see my oneness as an indomitable force that when I have my bearings under me will not and cannot be stopped. Just think how much more powerful the force could be if others would unleash their force in like manner. It all stems from the innocent perception of a child who is seeing our amazing existence and wanting it to be the normal and not the exception.

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