Sunday, August 17, 2014

The fate of our nation is in each and everyone who can vote (#2025)

Being proactive is choosing to vote for what you want for our country. Being inactive is to abdicate our right to be heard. Which one will be the majority come this November? Few things in life are more important than being heard. If we are to measure the knowledge we have with the silence of expressing that knowledge does the scale weigh more heavily for one over the other? What good does it do us if we spend our lives gaining knowledge and the wisdom that comes with that knowledge if we don't express our view on it? Voting allows us that opportunity. Though we may be one among countless, we are still one and with one voice comes another and another until there are many who express their knowledge with like affirmation. There is a battle for the soul of America and it is being raged in political and social gatherings, press, radio, television and Internet. All of the noise of this battle is mind boggling in that the variations on the truth outweigh the truth itself. What will always guide one through the morass of misinformation is a personal code of ethical principles that stand for democratic ideals over the push and pull of lesser considerations. John Stuart Mill proclaimed that all of society can be measured by how much we harm one another. If we harm each other less then our society is to be congratulated, if we harm our each other more then our society is to be condemned. How would you like to be treated in the most equally objective manner is how we should all gauge our future. We are not here on Earth to prioritize competition with each other, instead we are here to maximize the opportunity for all of us to have a respectful and harmonizing life with ourselves, our planet and the Universe we inhabit. Whether we can realize that simple vision will be determined this November when our time to be heard is given to us. Will we speak through our right and ability to vote?

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