Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What is it to being human? (#2013)

My take on this is in the description of my blog. I talk about our natures of compassion and curiosity with a heavy dose of wanting to survive. I thought it important to give us all a place of shared commonality so that from there we could move forward on a strong and enduring foundation. But it seems that I am overruled by too many who think that compassion, or empathy is not a natural instinct by their words and actions. It is strange to consider their position logical since if they had not been nurtured by their guardians, parents, and other family members, they would not now exist. However that may be, the reasoning behind their lack of empathy or compassion for others is not understandable. It is a disease we mostly attribute to those diagnosed as sociopathic or psychopathic. Anyway, the need to lack empathy is not why I write this blog post, instead, I write this because for the most part, most of us have empathy not only toward human life but all of life. It is natural within me so I suppose it to be the same for others. I am like Aristotle in this respect, I use myself as an indicator of how humans think and or act. I am nothing special, so for me I feel like I am as ordinary as anyone else in the basic ways. I do care about others, I love and I really need love in my life. I am curious about so many things that I don't know, that it is obvious enough to me that I have a natural instinct to know things. Compassion and curiosity, my two main motivations. I also know we have 5 known and easily recognizable senses, I smell, I hear, I see, I taste and I feel. I am a living breathing information processor. The reason I am not just a collector of information is because I have a mind that can analyze and reason to logical conclusions about the information I receive. And to top it all off, I remember for the most part all the information I have processed. What is it to be human? Not just looking like one but also thinking and acting like one as well.

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